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This page is dedicated to my friends, and all of the silly, funny, kinky, and just downright weird drunk/baked/sober times we have had. Weirdest thing is that most of these happened when we were sober. Hum.

Picture this. Me and Nina, regular freaks,and being the alcoholics we are, we bring our booze to her cousins house, who has never drank before. After a few shots, Larry (name NOT changed because I don't care who reads this) starts to feel it. Funniest words ever spoken from his mouth :
-"I feel dizzy"
-"Hello Sam, this is Larrrrrrrry, I feel dizzy" Larry on the phone.
-Larry, sitting down "I FEEEEEL DIZZY"
From what I -hear- about Saturday, November the 29th-
"you have brown eyes"- Trish
After drinking a bit, smoking a bit, and not feeling to well, Trish decides to go on the computer. She was falling asleep for a bit, when someone asked if it was Trish on the computer She looked at Sarah and asked, in all seriousness "yes, or no?"
Then, some stupid newly-redheadded girl starts cocking off to Jenn. Of course, Jenn, being my hero, decides to call her "carrot-top" all night. Way to go.
Then, in a little game of dares, Nina was dared to kiss Magoo on the cheek. Since Magoo never gets any ass (other than mine) he wanted more, and was determined to give her a bit more than a grandma kiss. Ask Nina for details.
Corn Maze, Nina's birthday.
"Don't drink, don't smoke, don't dance the hoochie coochie"- Farmer Bob
"I didn't have any corn" -Everyone.
And then there was me, trying to milk the cows...
Those guys who knew my cousin Jordan "Come party with us this weekend"
"Don't pick up on the farm, Teija!" -Nina
That InFECTious girl in the bathroom who likes to fart, then giggle.
A Night to Remember (at Canadian Tire)-
Well, before we got to the mall, we spent some time at Matt-Chews house, tickling him until we ripped his socks. Then, we all took a trip down to the mall on the city bus (bad times). While waiting for my aunt, me and Nina start singing Christmas carols to everyone. That was fun. Can't forget the old man who wasn't allowed in the store, and told the manager "I am already fucking in here."- Old man
Shelley in grade 10 drama, the park bench scene in which for some reason, we were all mentally retarded or crazy, and going to the circus. "SPENONAGUS!" -Shelley
The rest of Nina's birthday party, with its assortment of videos, drunkeness (Trish) and campfires, compliments of me.
"Hurry HURRY start the engine, hurry hurry drive the firetruck, hurry HURRY turn the corner, dee dee dee dee dee" -Teija, singing alone with Liam's truck (which later got stuck on her behind.)
"WHERE did that get there?" -B. Houle, completely not high. I really don't know why he said that, but its another memory for here. Oh yeah, "I do not even like butter tarts"

If YOU have a memory that you would like shown on this page, send it along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to.. I mean, write me and e-mail: dayerz@hotmail.com.