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All about miss hot buns herself.
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This is my page, all about me, so, er....be afraid.

Don't expect me to tell the truth about anything in here, but you better believe it all, or, er.....else.

Well then, about all this. My name is Teija. I am an illegal Mexican immigrant. I was actually born in Havanna, Cuba, in a tar paper shack. I was then thrown in the river in a large glass bottle and drifted to sea, where I was finally found by crazy Mexican psychics and was forced to answer their calls. What other -terrible- things did I endure? Well, I moved to Canada when I was 8. That explains most of it.
ps. This is all a lie.

Again, moi.
Doing the look I like to call "Magnum"

Look at that babe...wow.

This is the hottest picture that -you- have EVER seen. Right?  What am I talking about? Of course it is, you just may take a little more time to figure that out. You have 2 seconds. Thank you.

So where was I? Right, I just moved to Canada. Well since that was a terrible quickly written bunch of bullshit, I just might HAVE to tell you the real story. I was born in the Sault 8lbs 5oz, beautiful blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, lived in Goulais River (oh -fuck- yeah), then moved WAY out to the boonies (Searchmont). Finally moved to the Sault for like grade 6, then BACK out to Goulais. That pretty much sums up everything before highschool, other than I actually got good grades. AHHH! Into highschool I got increasingly taller and blonder, and of course hotter, no doubt. Oh, that school btw is White Pines, Go Wolverines!!! All my fellow peers should remember the first pep rally of grade 9. K. Lansdell and his pathetic "Green, Grey, White", oh well Kyle, good luck with the married life eh? What else are the great memories? It's hard to think now, but I will remember, give me moment?

Okay, well there was always Mr. Youngs geography class, and his goat. Swystun's turkeys and potatoes and the dances, and of course the Quake tourney in the good old library during grade 9 exams. Boy did I love winning with that knife. Grade 10 was all about the h2o, tugboats and satellites, Uni MP and Lori, battleships of course, smelt fishing, Hiawatha, and Trout Lake saunas. Way too much partying. Who knows about grade 11 eh?
Well thats about it, I know it was supposed to be about me, but I went on about you guys too. Oh well. Deal.