One for me, and one for my homies.
Nina, how I love you.
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One for me, and one for my homies.
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This is dedicated to all my homies out there. I love you all.

This would be my number one Homie, Ishmael.
Oooh, is that possible cleavage I see?

[[Nina Alexis Kent Petawanikweb, where have you been all my life? Holay girl, we have been through everything, 5 or more times. First things first, where's your shitter? Austin Powers for life, I love that movie. We be virgins and alcoholics for the rest of our lives. NO Trout Lake saunas, docks, friend's basements, bf's sister's beds, cars, trucks, mini-vans... haha jk. Kenora was awesome this summer, I wil never forget Heinie, Marvin (Uncle and little), baseball tournament, pow wows, drinking with the kids, Larry being hammered "I feel dizzy"....Oh yeah and all of our drunk times eh? At Searchmont, "I am not going to fall" , /wipes out on ass... Thanks for picking me up.. You have been there for me through it all, thanks for sticking with me, I guess I grow on you. You're like a sister to me, and being in K-Town is not going to change that, just make it so much better when you are back. I miss your piijogun.]]

Canteen&Janitorial Worker
got a beer?

[[Sarah Elizabeth McMinn. alright alright. Who honestly would use a condom when they could use a one cent sock? The rugburn is in the books, I complained about it for a whole week, but it hurt like a custodial&janitorial worker. Early party memories were all about the Fuck and Chran, and the PUKING... too bad I can hold some booze down now eh? Stitch likes to party with us, then leave the table and stay at Tylers. He will be sadly missed.
Until you get over this chawched up attitude of the "i'm too good for school to be cool" ways of thinking then give me a call on my 2 way..]]

Oooohhh, I eat babies.

[[Stephanie Green- girl, you are NOT allowed to have any more parties unless I am the bouncer. I promise to now punch anyone else. WHO THE HELL PUNCHES A CEILING? Goodness. Its almost like they have hairy nipples or something. I like whipped cream and vanilla vodka on peoples nipples. "WERE HAVING AN AFTER SEX TALK!" ....TELL ME YOU LOVE ME. ]]

If you are not on this page, and you still think that you are good enough to be a homie of mine, you're wrong.