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Well people. Here we are again. I decided to do a little bit of a late night update because I have nothing better to do with my time.
Send me pics or whatever to dayerz@hotmail.com or something. I love all of your manginas.

Yet again, this is I
I got you good fucker.

Well Here are the updates. Since I don't remember all the small things that I do on here, I'll just say that I started this site in about July, 2003. ok?
February 17th- Ok children, I haven't got to getting up that "Ode to Peter Parker" page, but it will come, things are busy man! School= shit. But that happens doesn't it? Okay, well I am adding pics here and there, look around. Sign the guesbook.
December 14th- Well, what to say abotu today? I added "The Ass Page" as well as "To bee Sexy" and hopefully my "ode to Peter Parker" page will go up later today, if not, look for that later on. On another note I saw that they got Saddam. "US forces pull former Iraqi leader from hole in Tikrit" GOT YOU GOOD FUCKER. Finally.
December 8th- Alright, Alright... I am going try to update all those there pages that I have already up. Then, I am not sure what is in store. I love you.