Things that get me "excited"
Nina, how I love you.
Things that get me "excited"
What did the 5 fingers say to the face?
One for me, and one for my homies.
To bee Sexy
The Ass Page
Danglers, caught on film.
Fark this.
Hot Sisters
Hot Relatives
Oh...the memories
Picture of the time being
All about miss hot buns herself.
Funny Shit
Contact Me
The Kitters
Sexiest People Alive/Dead/Inanimate

When I think about these things, I get this excited (see my video below).

I do this, then I touch myself.


Earwigs creep me out. When I was at summer camp when I was just a little gaffer, there was a whole bunch in one matress in my cabin. Those little fuckers get me so scared that I become excited.


Cows. Wow. They make me hot. Almost as hot at Marci Savage makes me when she talks Jesus. As you can see, I will take my pants off for any cow.

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