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November 29th- Interesting really. Nothing much has gone up here lol. I added a few things, but you should be able to find them yourselves because I can't remember what they are. I am putting up Fark this and more pictures. Check it.


November 1st- Well, I guess that the forum is gay, I am going to try to get a guestbook or something. Anyways, added, Oh.. the memories page. Seeing how some of the memories were made when I was hammered, I need help remembering them. Leave them in the forum or e-mail them to me.


October 20th- ENVIROTHON 2003, haha thats weird. Anyways, made a forum, not sure if it sucks or what but oh well.... maybe it will be better than a guestbook, we shall see.


October 10th- the only remembered update. (Or the only worthy one.) You decide. 

I added a lot of pictures and stole Shelleys (originally Amy and Justin's) "sexiest people alive/dead/inanimate" and yeah, mine's better. Check that shit.